Michael Curiel, DDS, Palm Desert Dentist

Michael Curiel, DDS, Top Rated Dentist in Palm Desert

Background and Credentials

Dr. Michael Curiel has been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years. His passion for dentistry flows from a heart that loves to help others look and feel their best, so they can go and impact the world. Dr. Curiel graduated from UCLA in 1981, and immediately opened his first office in San Fernando California. And in 2009, Dr. Curiel opened Sunlife Dental Group. Throughout the years, Dr. Curiel has become and expert in various dental procedures, which include; general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and implants.

Dr. Curiel has stayed well informed and educated on the latest dental procedures, materials and technology by attending seminars and classes on a regular basis.

Dr. Guillemin is a thorough, detailed, passionate dentist who highly values her patients’ oral health. Dr. Guillemin obtained her DDS degree at USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, after which she decided to pursue her education and complete a residency in Advanced General Dentistry, the latter of which allowed her to discover this beautiful Desert that we live in. To ensure the best of care for her patients, as well as to satisfy her love of learning and her passion for dentistry, Dr. Guillemin likes to attend both live and online continuing education courses on a regular basis.

On her spare time Dr. Guillemin likes to workout, play Scrabble with her family, ride her motorcycle and, most of all, rollerblade up and down the hills listening to her favorite tunes :)